Research in Eytan Ruppin's lab is focused on the computational study of biological networks within the general framework of Systems Biology. This is done primarily in four research topics:

1. The study of metabolism and metabolic networks: Our current focus is on developing genomic-scale metabolic models of human tissues and studying their role in understanding an array of human diseases.

2. Large-scale computational studies of various basic cellular systems (in close collaboration with experimental groups), including the telomere system and apoptosis, which regulate cellular lifespan and play an important role in ageing and cancer.

3. Large-scale computational studies of the phenome-genome relation in human diseases.

4. The computational study of evolutionary questions, including the evolution of growth environments, modularity and horizontal gene transfer.

See the Research section for more details on these and other areas of research conducted in the lab.


Our group hosts a weekly Systems Biology seminar along with Prof. Roded Sharan. The seminar is held every Monday, featuring group members presenting their work (and work-in-progress) as well as invited speakers. Details of planned and past talks can be found here.

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